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My Journey: Cancer During COVID


I have triple-negative breast cancer and delaying treatment for this aggressive form of the disease due to COVID-19 was never an option.
Recovering Strength One Step at a Time


My name is Melanie Scott-Bennett. I was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN and I currently reside in the Washington DC area. I am…
Making More Father’s Days Possible Through Livestrong Fertility


This Father’s Day is a particularly special one for my husband, Adam. His first Father’s Day was two years ago when our son, Theo, was…


I was diagnosed with invasive DCIS of the left breast in early August last summer. Since then, I have undergone surgeries, radiations and…
Introducing the 2023 Livestrong Solution Grant Partners


We are excited to announce our 2023 Solution Grant Partners, which includes eight leading cancer organizations from across the nation…
How One YMCA Instructor Is Going Above and Beyond for Cancer Survivors


Leading and instructing Livestrong at the YMCA is probably the most socially responsible thing I do at our YMCA. It fills me emotionally…
Social Survivorship: Digital Cancer Connections


From Instagram to Facebook to Twitter, social media has drastically changed the way we connect and communicate with others.
Years of Treatments and Holding On


It all started in September 1995 when I discovered a lump on the left side of my neck. I went to the doctor on a Friday afternoon and was…
Chemo Costumes and Choosing Your Attitude


Let me help you get started on the right foot here; by the time you finish reading this story you will either feel like we just became…
Rise like a Phoenix from the Ashes and Fight this Deadly Disease

Rise like a Phoenix from the Ashes and Fight this Deadly Disease

I have survived breast cancer twice in my life. I would like to share my journey with a small hope that my story might be inspiring and…
What Cancer Problem Will We Fix Today?

What Cancer Problem Will We Fix Today?

Today, simply surviving cancer seems to be the focus. To give people more time; to just make it through. What if we could do better? What…
Searching For Solutions

Searching For Solutions

By Suzanne Stone, VP of Programs & Strategy


No matter where you live, we know that COVID-19 is effecting you and we want you to help you deal with the situation at hand whether…

New Birth Day

This March will be both my 27th birthday and my one-year “birth” day from when I received CAR-T immunotherapy. I had relapsed twice at…
7 Times a Survivor

7 Times a Survivor

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Pink Ink Tattoo


I was 39 years old when they told me I had breast cancer. Surely, they had me confused with someone else. I had no family history, I…

From LEEP to NED

Hi, my name is Coral Conway. I live in Miami but I am originally from Argentina.
Live a Life You Will Remember


217 days ago, I heard the 3 words “You have Cancer”. I was in total shock, alone in a new country, and utterly terrified. I had just moved…
Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything

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Get Checked. You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Get Checked. You’ll Be Glad You Did!

My name is Dana. I am 58 years old and am semi-retired. I worked in law enforcement for over 28 years. Currently, I work part time doing…
Pain, Misdiagnosis and Recovery

Pain, Misdiagnosis and Recovery

Before I start telling my story, I have to briefly summarize who I am. I was born in a small village named Ponte de Lima, in Portugal. I…
Cancer doesn’t take a holiday break

Cancer doesn’t take a holiday break

This week, we sat down with Christina Bain — mother, blogger/web-designer, expert-level knitter, advocate, and chronic colorectal cancer…
Chemo, Recurrence and Healing

Chemo, Recurrence and Healing

At 31 years old, my whole world changed. On an unforgettable Valentine’s day in 2014 I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I…
A New Approach To Grief For Cancer Survivors


Grief is defined as “the pain of mind produced by loss or misfortune of any kind”. For those who have experienced grief, these…
Faith, Family and Cancer


I found the will to live after my cancer diagnosis. Life became much more precious to me then before, I loved and valued my family and…
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